Ensuring Optimal Functionality and Aesthetics

When selecting shoes for modification, it's crucial to consider certain practical aspects to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. Opt for flatter shoes with a broad and sturdy sole that provides a generous surface area in contact with the ground. The thicker the sole, the better it can be split and reassembled effectively. Keep in mind that the modification process involves significant shoe surgery, including slicing, sanding, grinding, shaving, gluing, and stitching. While we strive for perfection in every job, it's important to understand that we're performing shoe repair, not creating a flawless portrait. Some visible signs of our work, akin to scars, may remain.

While we have vast experience with various shoe brands and styles worldwide, selecting the right shoe features can enhance the end result. A shoe with a broad, stable sole and an all-black or white sole profile tends to yield the best color match for the modification. Although we aim to match the lift material to the shoe, our primary focus is on effectiveness and functionality, so we'll choose a suitable color unless you specify otherwise.

Color Chart

For the most inconspicuous appearance of the added shoe lift, we suggest selecting a shoe with an entirely white or entirely black sole profile when viewed from the side. These colors blend in seamlessly. While we do have lift material available in other colors such as brown, grey, bone, almond, yellow, green, and red, it's important to note that these colors may not perfectly match your shoe's shade and can be more noticeable. To help you achieve the best match, refer to our color chart to find the closest option before sending in your shoe. You can also view pictures of our completed work in the searchable database on this page.

American Heelers
American Heelers


Introducing our innovative honeycombing option for our shoe lifts! Building upon our successful launch a few years back, we have continued to refine this method to provide you with an even more comfortable and lightweight solution for elevating your shoes.

What we discovered a few years back is that by partially hollowing out the lift material before it's inserted into your shoe, we can create a pair of lifts that not only make walking easier but also maintain a balanced weight and flexibility between the two shoes in your pair. The magic happens behind the scenes, as we meticulously drill and carve out the material before it gets sandwiched into your shoe, rendering this adjustment invisible from the profile view. Our honeycombing service is available for just $20, offering a transformative experience that our customers have consistently raved about. Don't just take our word for it; explore the feedback from those who have already experienced the difference that honeycombing makes. Say goodbye to heavy and inflexible lifts and say hello to a more comfortable and natural stride.